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Protecting Your Rights After a DWI Charge in San Antonio

Saving you from a drunk driving charge throughout Texas

Have you been charged with DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)? Did you refuse the breathalyzer test? You might not realize it, but you’re in grave danger of having your license suspended or revoked, paying hefty fines and even spending some time in jail. At the Law Office of Bill Baskette, I work immediately to help you keep your driving privileges and get the charges against you dismissed. Remember, a DWI is a serious charge and you should contact an experienced DWI attorney as soon as possible.

Breaking down doors to represent you

I have more than 30 years of experience working with people in Texas, including time serving my fellow Texans as a prosecutor, county judge and state district court judge. Having been a prosecutor and a judge, I provide my clients with a wealth of knowledge and insight about how prosecutors and judges manage and approach DWI cases. I don’t just see a case, I see the whole picture — piercing the cracks and breaking holes in the state’s case against you. I create a defense targeted at reducing the punishment you face or getting the charges dismissed entirely. When I work with you as your attorney in traffic court, I get the evidence from the state, including breathalyzer information, police videotapes and the official police reports. I review the officer’s notes regarding your DWI pullover to see if the officer had probable cause to pull you over. At my law office, handling your case personally and professionally isn’t just a statement, it’s how I work and the core of my practice.

Opposing the charge and avoiding fines

Pleading guilty isn’t the safe response you think it is, particularly if you think it will reduce penalties or minimize certain fines. A DWI conviction means that you need to pay a $1,000.00-a-year license renewal fee, each year. Insurance companies will not renew or issue automobile insurance policies. You might lose your eligibility for certain jobs. You must call a criminal defense attorney right away to fight the charge — a DWI conviction is just too dangerous for your future.

Don’t wait until you lose your license, call a San Antonio DWI lawyer today

If you’ve been charged with a DWI, contact the Law Office of Bill Baskette today for an initial consultation regarding your case. Every day I work hard to understand your challenges and defend you in the toughest matters, offering the options you need to succeed. Contact me today with a free email inquiry about how I can defend you, or call my office at 210.930.1200. My office is in downtown San Antonio, directly across from the Bexar County Courthouse, with plenty of street and lot parking within two blocks. I offer weekend and evening hours by appointment.