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Internet Crimes

Accomplished Support when You’ve Browsed into Internet Crime

Representing you and your rights regarding computer crime in San Antonio

If you have been accused of an Internet crime, I’ll do my best to make sure you stay in front of the keyboard and not stuck in prison. I’m San Antonio computer crime lawyer Bill Baskette, and I am here to defend your rights in the intrusive investigation and extensive trials that often trample on your constitutional liberties when you’ve been charged with computer or Internet crimes.

Securing your future through persuasive representation

Using the Internet isn’t entirely safe. Advertisements may lead to illegal content or a file you receive from a friend might have a virus that turns your computer into a zombie. In many cases, you might not even know that you have been involved in a crime because an experienced hacker has violated your computer system or email accounts, or you may have clicked a link in an email that brought you to a site offering child pornography or pirated software. Protecting your rights when the police or other authorities knock at your door is crucial, and it’s essential that you contact an attorney as soon as you’ve been charged or accused of an Internet crime. At the San Antonio Law Office of Bill Baskette, I use my experience as a prosecutor and a former Texas court judge to hold prosecutors and investigators to the levels of proof required and ensure that the charges are reviewed and, if possible, dropped. For more than 30 years as a criminal lawyer, I’ve represented clients accused of crimes, allowing me to create a smart, well-targeted defense aimed at exonerating you from the charges. I pride myself on assisting you with numerous areas of Internet crime law:
  • Pornography
  • Child pornography
  • Solicitation of a minor via the  Internet
  • Internet fraud
  • Internet identity theft
  • Computer fraud, computer theft
  • Inappropriate use of government property

Knowing your rights makes a difference

Since the Internet is worldwide and information on the Internet has a habit of sticking around, it’s important to be aware of your rights if you are being investigated or a suspect in a case. As your felony attorney, I’ll defend your rights, using every tool available — including the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution — to protect your reputation and give you the personal, professional representation you deserve.

Contact Bill Baskette today about Internet crime defense

Computer crimes are serious business. If you suspect you might be charged or if you’ve been charged with an Internet crime, call me, Bill Baskette, at the San Antonio, Texas Law Offices of Bill Baskette for an initial consultation regarding your case. Every day I work hard to understand your challenges and defend you in the toughest matters, from Internet fraud to solicitation charges, offering the options you need to succeed and to restore your life to the way it should be. Contact me today with a free email inquiry about how I can defend you, or call my office at 210.930.1200. My office is downtown, directly across from the Bexar County Courthouse, with plenty of street and lot parking within two blocks. I offer weekend and evening hours by appointment.