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Guidance for Divorce and Ending Marriage in Texas

Bill Baskette steers you the right way in San Antonio and beyond

If you’re contemplating a divorce or you’ve just been served with divorce papers from your spouse, you need to speak with an attorney immediately. This is especially true in our beloved Lone Star State, where the party who files first for divorce gets two major benefits: they’re the first party to speak to the judge and they essentially get to determine the course of the proceedings. I’m Bill Baskette, founder of the Law Office of Bill Baskette, where I put my more than 30 years of experience to work for you. I meet personally with clients to explain the options available, and I take action as soon as possible in divorce proceedings.

File fast or respond strong

Whether you or your spouse file first, understanding your rights in a divorce case can determine the terms of your divorce. Filing first puts you in a much stronger position to protect joint bank accounts and other assets, retain custody of your children, and quickly put a restraining order in place if necessary. If you don’t get the first papers in, it’s always best to speak with a divorce lawyer in San Antonio as quickly as possible.

Experience in a Wide Variety of Divorce Matters

With more than 30 years of experience, including many spent serving as a judge here in San Antonio, I make it easier for you to work through your divorce and identify your goals for now and the future. I guide you through negotiations on such matters as spousal and child support, mediation and litigation, wherever necessary. I promise that I’ll always shoot straight and never overpromise—one of my hallmarks has always been giving you the options you need to move in the right direction, whether I’m helping you manage property division issues or resolve spousal support.

Topics to keep in mind when you’re facing divorce

When you call my office and speak to me about divorce, I’ll always tell you to keep a few things in mind.
  • Property division: Even if you paid for your car, a boat or household items out of your own personal money for your use only, you may not have exclusive property rights to it — property purchased by you or your spouse while married is divided according to court rules and Texas law, which follows a concept called “community property.”
  • Debt: You and your spouse are responsible for the debts you make together or that you co-sign for. If you charged up your credit cards, took out loans or leased a car, even if your spouse is always the driver, when your name is on it you’re responsible for it.
  • Investments: Spouses are entitled to a portion of the other spouse’s investments, whether retirement plans, 401(k) plans, IRAs, military benefits and more.
When you work with me as your family law attorney, I’ll do my best to explain what you can protect and work to negotiate terms you and your former spouse can both accept.

Filing for divorce in Texas often needs an experienced lawyer

As a former judge and an attorney for more than 30 years, I’ve seen family law issues from the bench and from the courtroom floor. As your San Antonio divorce lawyer, my goal is to guide you to the best resolution and solution we can find at this difficult juncture. Call my Law Offices of Bill Baskette for a compassionate initial consultation regarding your case. Contact me today with a free email inquiry about how I can represent you, or call my office at 210.930.1200. My office is downtown, directly across from the Bexar County Courthouse, with plenty of street and lot parking within two blocks. I offer weekend and evening hours by appointment.