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Interstate Divorce

You Will Have Your Day in Court, Whether in Texas or Elsewhere

Counseling clients through the complexities of interstate divorce

When you and your spouse live in different states before a divorce, there are a number of other issues at play. From the Law Office of Bill Baskette, I guide clients through the mash of competing state laws, complexities of child custody disputes and issues of jurisdiction involving interstate divorce. Whether you were married in Texas, living here for the time being or seeking to divorce in San Antonio (or anywhere in the United States) for some other reason, I personally handle your case when we work together, advising you of your rights and seeking to protect your interests. Sound counsel and quality advocacy are what I offer and what my clients expect.

Complex Divorce Cases in Texas

Emotionally, nearly every divorce is complex. When one spouse doesn’t live in Texas or you cannot locate your spouse, it becomes even more important to act to protect your interests as soon as possible. With more than 30 years of experience, including several on the bench as a district court judge, I provide strategic, experienced legal counsel to represent you throughout the divorce process.

Answering the big issues that arise in family law and interstate divorce

In my experience, there are certain questions that need to be answered when a client visits me to discuss an interstate divorce. If you and your spouse live in different states — or you can’t locate your spouse — different laws and regulations apply. When you come to my office, I sit down with you and give you the straight answers on a number of questions, including:
  • How do I pursue a divorce if my spouse lives out of state?
  • What if my spouse and I reside outside of the state where we were married?
  • Can we get a divorce while residing in separate states?
  • Can I file for divorce if my spouse lives out of state?
  • How will my interstate divorce affect my child custody rights?
  • How can I file divorce if I cannot find my spouse?
  • Can an interstate divorce affect my rights to child support?

Divorcing in Texas: Protect your rights with an experienced advocate

When you divorce in Texas, the laws affecting your case are different from if you divorce in New York, California or another state. As your divorce attorney, I keep you informed of your rights and aggressively defend your interests if you are filing for divorce in Texas or if you are a resident of Texas and facing divorce in a different state. My experience as a family attorney, a judge and a longstanding member of the bar lets me see ahead and light your path.

Filing for divorce in Texas often needs an experienced lawyer

As a former judge and an attorney for more than 30 years, I’ve seen family law issues from the bench and from the courtroom floor. I’ll work with you to find the best course to help you manage your interstate divorce. Call the Law Offices of Bill Baskette for a compassionate initial consultation regarding your case. Contact me today with a free email inquiry about how I can represent you, or call my office at 210.930.1200. My office is downtown, directly across from the Bexar County Courthouse, with plenty of street and lot parking within two blocks. I offer weekend and evening hours by appointment.